Smith's Cafe Restaurant in New Port Richey

3.9 /5
9 reviews

6512 Main St


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Monday 07:00 - 15:00

Tuesday 07:00 - 15:00

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Smith's Cafe Restaurant, 6512 Main St, New Port Richey



Food is always fresh and hot. Service quick and friendly. We have never had to wait for coffee or service. Very clean restaurant that makes up for average food with it's super friendly staff. Not a foodies paradise but great for a quick no frills meal.


Great homey family restaurant! Quick, friendly service and seating, very fast with our breakfast order. I LOVE the patriotic decor and the relaxed atmosphere. I'm going back to try a burger because watching the table next to me enjoy theirs made me know what I would order next time. Have I mentioned efficiency from start to finish?Leave the chain restaurants alone and support the locals!


Very quaint family restaurant. Me and my family came here for lunch and the Swiss and mushrooms burger was amazing. At the same time my little brother got a chocolate chip Mickey mouse pancake and ate the whole thing.


We order a delivery. Took nearly 2 hours to get to us, they forgot our sauce for the gyro, brought no condiments or utensils with the food. And our food was bland. I've heard great things about them, but right now, not a great 1st impression, especially since our business orders out almost every day. They could have made a killing.


great breakfast! good menu selection. they offer a breakfast CASH ONLY menu. credit and debit cards have $10 minimum. service was friendly and quick. I would recommend to friends and family.


another mom n pop place. great food prepared fresh. very good prices. go you'll like it.


Today was our first time here. The food was really good and we appreciated the diner atmosphere. I also liked that this place has lots of specials and they deliver. We’ll be back again for breakfast


No ... they don't have great breakfast. Just keep driving up the street to find a good breakfast spot. Undercooked scrambled eggs? Really? I asked for well done hash browns but I got boiled potatoes thrown on the grill with onions... Needless to say they were not crispy at all. Outdated menus. Place looks like it could use a cleaning.


We often ordered breakfast for delivery at work. The food was usually very good, however the customer service was not. Very rude and short with their customers over the phone. The delivery employees were always friendly, kind and on time. The owner argues with you instead of trying to fix the issue. They will no longer have our business.